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 At the age of 14, my grandfather, George Johnston, handed me my first camera. Ever since, I have found photography as a form of therapy and an escape from the crazy world today!


 In high school, I was often involved in theatre and yearbook. Soon enough, I would find equal joy and love for both. However, in yearbook I found more structure and ability to become more creative. That's when I began to go on "photography" dates with my best of friends and found out that I had a calling- making people happy and finding beauty within themselves and the moments given.

  I graduated from  Tallahassee Community College in 2018 with my Associates in Arts. Thereafter, I pursued my Business & Marketing Degree at Flagler College. Along the way, I have hoped to find my certain place in the world as an entrepreneur. It is a journey for sure!

 I believe that my work speaks for itself. The passion and inspiration I find within myself alone radiates through the lens and onto the big picture.

 I hope to share my given gift with you and capture memories that last forever!

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